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Our main lake is approximately 4 acres in size and is home to a vast variety Thai and Amazon fish species. Our biggest specimens are currently Arapaima to 300lbs, Mekong Catfish & Chao-Praya Catfish which are all approaching 100lbs, but in addition to big fish there are some 25 species of sporting fish to target all in the range of 5lb to 100lb, including Siamese Carp, Common Carp, Barramundi, Amazon Red-tails, Marbled tiger catfish and many many more.

Fishing is only permitted off one side of the lake so anglers have the option to fish the far bank, mid-water or the margins. There are 12 set swims from which an angler can station themselves, each swim offers shade in the form of umbrella's or sala's, and is also equipped with two chairs and a table for your fishing comfort. Food and drink can be served at your swim or you can reel in and have your meals in the restaurant area, or perhaps take a cool beer at the bar stationed less than a minutes walk from the majority of swims. As per our fishery rules there are in fact twice as many swims as there are anglers permitted to fish the specimen lake, this policy is designed to ensure everyone fishing is able to move swims if they feel it will improve their chances on the day, and perhaps equally importantly, it ensures that you are able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the venue.

***LATEST CATCHES - 17th July 2010 - Frank Lunney***

When Frank & Helen from Liverpool took a break in Hua-Hin from the heat of Dubai where they live and work, they enquired to Siam Fishing Tours looking for a chance of a big fish. It's alway's hit miss to try and catch a whoppa in a single day, and it wasn't until last knockings that one of Greenfield's big Arapaima picked up Franks Mackrel bait. The Arapaima gave Frank the run around for at least 30 minutes, finding a several snags and going to ground, before we could finally put the net under it. As well as a 250lb+ Arapaima Frank enjoyed sport from Siamese Carp (3 to 30lbs), redtails to 20lbs and numerous Pacu.

***LATEST CATCHES - 31st March 2010 - Eric Schofield***

March was a quiet month at Greenfield, but the few anglers that did pay us a visit and target our big fish where all rewarded with a Arapaima from 30lbs to 300lbs! Eric having fished a few other lakes during his holiday, was very impressed with Greenfield's unspoilt setting finished off the month well for us with one of the big guys putting in another appearance.

***LATEST CATCHES - 27th March 2010 - Lee Funge***

Lee from the UK, couldn't believe his eyes when this Arapaima took his Mackeral bait, his previous biggest fish having been just a few pounds!

***LATEST CATCHES - 4th March 2010 - Jason Cole***

Having caught the fish Jason came to target, he was already well happy, even so this 140kg Arapaima was worth the extra day!

***LATEST CATCHES - 2nd March 2010 - Jason Cole***
Jason Cole came across from Pattaya for a few days, just in time for the Mekong and Carp to start feeding! Before his visit to Greenfield, Jason biggest fish was 42kg Mekong. Having lost a big Siamese carp in the morning and another fish, there was a sense of disappointment in the air, but early afternoon Jason hooked into a big fish that promptly decided to storm off up the lake on a 130yd run. Nearly 2 hrs later, the Mekong having traversed the length of the lake at least 6 times (covering a good few kilometres!) This immaculate Mekong was netted, the fish was around the same size as Jason's pb but had a lot more stamina! Later the same evening Jason managed a 30lb+ Siamese Carp not as big as the one he lost but a good fish all the same.


***LATEST CATCHES - 1st March 2010 - Kristian Fatland***
Kristian and two friends holidaying from Norway took a days fishing at Greenfield and it didn't take long before Kristian got into one of the venues Arapaima. After a 20 minute battle and several scary moments when the fish made a bid for freedom with a dramatic tail-walk the fish was netted for a quick photo before swimming off strongly for the next round!

***LATEST CATCHES - 21st February 2010 - John Nathan***
John Nathan & his brother in law Mike, came for a days fishing at Greenfield, by mid morning they had taken a few small Pacu and carp, the lake was fishing much slower than usual. About 11am Mike hooked a big fish that was only on for a few seconds, but created a massive boil as it twisted and shed the hook, we recast to the same spot, and after only a short time a slow take was struck and met with huge eruption as one the lakes biggest Arapaima at 300lbs+ woke up to the fact that not all the dead-baits are free! Have made numerous slow but deliberate runs the fish was caged without much fuss and John became the first to catch one of Greenfield's biggest residents , well done John!

***LATEST CATCHES - 21st Dec 2009 - Dave Wilson***

Dave with an Arapaima of around 60lbs

**LATEST CATCHES - John Wilson with a Redtail on opening day**


***Enjoy your fishing***






Arapaima (Pirarucu)
Thai name:
Pla Tjon Amazon
Size: Up to 4.0 m
Weight: Up to 300 kg.
Red Tail Amazon Catfish
Thai name:
Pla Amazon Dang

Size: Up to 1.0 m
Weight: Up to 50 kg
Alligator Gar
Thai name:
Pla Jorakay

Size: Up to 1.5 m
Weight: Up to 17 kg
Mekong Catfish
Thai name:
Pla Buk

Size: Up to 2.5 m
Weight: Up to 300 kg
Siamese Carp (Kaho)
Thai Name:
Pla Kaho

Size: Up to 2.0 m
Weight: Up to 150 kg
Tiger Marble
Thai name:
Pla Sira

Size: Up to 1.0 m
Weight: Up to 20 kg
Jullian's Golden-Price Carp
Thai Name:
Pla Yeesok

Size: Up to 1.0 m
Weight: Up to 25 kg
Giant Gourami (Let)
Thai name: Pla Let
Size: Up to 1.0 m
Weight: Up to 14 kg
Thai Name:
Pla Jermet

Size: Up to 1.5 m
Weight: Up to 40 kg
Asian red tailed catfish
Thai Name:
Pla Kot Dang

Size: Up to 2.0 m
Weight: Up to 80 kg
Thai Name:
Pla Kapong

Size: Up to 1.0 m
Weight: Up to 45 kg
Striped Catfish
Thai Name:
Pla Sawai

Size: Up to 1.0 m
Weight: Up to 22 kg

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